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Hello everybody, I am new to this forum and relatively new to wine as well.

Question about Fallout: new vegas on a mac

While first trying out wine it worked fine for me after understand the basics. However, I recently started play Tomb Raider custom levels that are available online. I noticed that when comparing my screen to that of official print screens and youtube video's I am missing out lots of the gameplay by a lack of 'special effects'. I honestly don't know what the right word is for this, but mostly it relates to some special lights that don't appear on my screen.

Or, when a level is suppose to be dark it appears light and clearly on my screen, ruining the experience once again. I also notices the same problem in a very different level, made by a different person, so I assume it is caused by either Wine or my Macbook.

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Therefore, I hope there is somebody on this forum that might be able to help me. I tried adjusting wine's screen settings, which didn't help and I also tried to launch the game through different engines, but it only works on engines that have "NoXInput". Once again, I am not that experiences so I don't know if that might relate to my problem. Maybe there is a different to give you a log, I will be happy to try any advise. This crash however, never influenced my game in anyway, so I assumed that is is harmless Hi, I'm using Wineskin to play Ragnarok Online.

I works quite well, but I've got a strange problem.

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In Ragnarok you have got an spell quick bar. Like the name says you can put spells on it.

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Problem: When I'm pressing the right mouse key I'm activating the last field in the quickbar. So at the moment I'm forced to not use the last field. Hi I am running the old game Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 in a wineskin wrapper. Latest version of the wrapper and engine. However when I run the game with X11 it runs, there is some bugs here and there, so I run it with Mac driver instead. But that has stopped working. I can only run with X11 now. The error in the log seems to be dplayx.

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Any suggestions to a Wine newbie? I have attached the two error logs from the test run. Hi i am having trouble getting fallout 3 to work. It is 1. As soon as i hit play the screen goes blank and an error pops up saying that there is a deficiency in wine here is the data from that error: Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x in bit code 0x00beea I am currently running OS X Mavericks I've tried refreshing the wrappers, moving them over to new wrappers, but I still can't get my games to run anymore.

Does anyone have a solution to this? Insert cover page in word mac I have to update multiple word documents with a new cover page that has my company logo look and feel. Fallout new vegas mac wineskin error Magic worskation is a client for playing card games, such as magic the gathering, online. Fallout new vegas help!! Informations However, I recently started play Tomb Raider custom levels that are available online. Link to a file that's attached or in a file gallery or archive. See PluginFiles for more functionality.

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  5. Message Since that last comment is a year old, I wanted to provide my 2 cents. Firstly, my specs: Wine 3. Message For people having page faults: Message I was hoping to get some help. Message I followed the download instructions exactly how it said and it was working up until the installation process.

    Fallout New Vegas - Crash Fix Tutorial

    Message Can someone help me? Message This game didn't run when I first installed it. Warning This update has not been approved yet by the team. Use it at your own risk. Remove unused translations, update Wine version used to 1.