How to make your mac run games better

To get Notification Center back on your Mac, open Terminal and enter the following command from Pastebin.

How To Optimize Your Games On a Mac

Similarly, you can disable Dashboard through Terminal by using the following command on Pastebin. Your dock will disappear for a bit and Dashboard will be gone. You can bring Dashboard back with the following command on Pastebin. Updates to your software include both bug fixes and new features that affect the way your computer runs, including the games that you play on it. If you use Steam, it's also a good idea to update all of your games, which provide patches, updates, and new game installs that improve the way they run. Just go to "Library" and check which games need to update unless you have auto-updates enabled, then you're fine.

The Best Mac for Gaming in What Mac should you buy (or avoid)?

Each game you play has graphic settings that you can customize to add more details to the background, let you see further, and more. Usually you'll find these settings in the game menu under "Graphics. As you can see below, many features like motion blur and sun shafts are disabled, because I don't really care for them, as they tend to cause a significant amount of lag because they constantly need to be updated and drawn. Ultimately it's up to you to choose which graphics settings are worth keeping, since all will affect game performance one way or another.

You can also change the quality of certain graphics, which can range anywhere from low to high. Mess around with these to see which affect gameplay the most.

How To Set Up Your Mac For Games?

Believe or not, playing in different view modes can affect gameplay. I tested out a few games from Steam, in both windowed seen below and full screen modes, getting mixed results in how well the game played. Install any patches, security updates, and application updates. Software updates often streamline the application and are more efficient.

Fortnite System Requirements

Check for programs that automatically start when you turn on the computer. Delete the programs or remove them from the start up menu.

Remove apps you don't use anymore.

To find the items that are opening automatically and running in the background, follow these steps:. Turning off the computer clears the memory and closes any programs that might be running in the background. Delete the programs and documents or move them to storage. Use Software Update to uninstall unnecessary apps.

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To get to Software Update , click the apple icon, then select App Store and update or uninstall programs. Your downloads folder can get bogged down with a lot of old downloads. To further optimize your system, check and fix your storage disk:. To set up your iCloud account, go to System Preferences , then click iCloud. Freeing up space on your storage drive will help the computer respond faster.

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